5 speakers 15 minutes each

Naomi Sheldon


Robert Plomin

on DNA and the genome revolution

Dolly Alderton

explores genes and bio-hacking

"I found myself gazing over the shoulders of the potter Edmund de Waal and Rachel Johnson as we listened rapt to Baroness Susan Greenfield's views on Twitter."

The Telegraph

Adam Rutherford

Adam Rutherford is a science writer and broadcaster. He is an Honorary Research Fellow at University College London, where he also did a PhD on the developing eye, and was part of a team that identified the first genetic cause of a form of childhood blindness. He has written and presented many award-winning series and […]

Adam Rutherford

The Book of Humans: The Story of How We Became Us

"A super hot ticket. The 5x15 series has a bonkers but rather brilliant line-up... From the secrets of literary giants to Judaism, sex, homelessness, quadratic equations, ageing, accolades and politics, you couldn’t really wring more from a Monday, could you?"