5 speakers 15 minutes each

Thu 30th Aug 2018

5x15 @ The AllBright Club

How Science Got Women Wrong

The AllBright Club - 18:30pm

Angela Saini

Angela Saini

Angela Saini is a science journalist, broadcaster and author. She presents science programmes on BBC Radio 4 and the World Service, and her writing has appeared across the world, including in New Scientist, the Guardian, The Times, Science, Cell, Wired, Wallpaper, Vogue, GQ, among others.

Her latest book, Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong and the New Research That's Rewriting the Story, was published in 2017 by Fourth Estate, and was named the Physics World Book of the Year and voted runner-up in the Goodreads Choice Awards. Her first book, Geek Nation, was published by Hodder & Stoughton in 2011, becoming a bestseller in India.

In 2015 she won the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Kavli Science Journalism gold award for a BBC Radio 4 documentary she presented about birdsong and human language. In 2012 she won the Association of British Science Writers’ award for best news story, for a feature in the Guardian about the misuse of statistics in courtrooms. And she was named European Science Journalist of the Year by the Euroscience Foundation in 2009. She has also been shortlisted for both the Asian Women of Achievement Award and the Asian Achiever Award.

She has a Masters in Engineering from Oxford University, and a second Masters in Science and Security from the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. Between 2012 and 2013 She was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The AllBright Club

The AllBright Club

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