5 speakers 15 minutes each

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Join us as writer and comedian Jo Brand talks about her new, hilarious guide to life as a woman in conversation with Rosie Boycott.
One of the UK’s best loved comedians, Brand is renowned for her sharp wit, self-deprecation and feminist values. Born Lippy: How To Do Female gathers together the things she has learnt about the world, the things she wishes she'd known and the things she hopes for the future.

Ranging from ‘what no one tells you about the female body’, ‘how not to fall in love (and other advice you’ll ignore)’ to ‘feminism: a re-branding’ and ‘how to manage a bully’, Born Lippy is part memoir and part extremely tongue-in-cheek advice manual. Packed with memorable anecdotes from her life and career, full of jokes and funny stories, coloured by her experiences as a psychiatric nurse, stand-up and working mother of two, this hilarious book aims not only to entertain but also to really help people. From putdowns for hecklers to chat-up lines; from a guide through social media annotated by her daughters to how to survive a family Christmas; from road rage to how to stay sane – no more suffering in silence, it’s time to get lippy.