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Cosmo Sheldrake

The Much Much How How and I

Cosmo Sheldrake, singer, songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Cosmo Sheldrake grew up surrounded by both music and a deep understanding and fascination with the natural world. His father, Rupert Sheldrake, is a biologist who comes from a long line of church organists. His grandmother was a concert pianist and his mother, Jill Purce, inspired a revival of group chant, teaches Mongolian overtone chanting and spent four years working with the avant-garde German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen - which meant that from an early age Sheldrake was introduced to a whole world of unconventional music.

By the age of four he was playing classical piano, at seven he had moved on to playing New Orleans-style blues and boogie-woogie and by 15, he was studying minimalism and using Logic to program drums and beats.

In 2013 he composed music for a series of Samuel Beckett plays at the Young Vic and for Relax & Dream, a project which brought bringing soothing music and nature videos to children in hospital and hospices. Throughout his career, Sheldrake has been fascinated by sound collection and field-recordings. In 2013, he gave a Tedx talk entitled ‘Interspecies Collaboration’ during which he created a symphony of sounds featuring the sun and British birds in collaboration with his own vocal improvisation. In 2017, he composed the soundtrack for ‘Moving Art’, a Netflix nature series in which filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg explores the beauty of oceans, forests, deserts and flowers.